The Toorak Jackpot

Australian Comedy/Satire

Before Rupert Murdoch married Jerry Hall and Tony Abbott was Prime Minister of Australia, enterprising shoe salesman Bert Smith got an offer he couldn’t refuse—to live the high life in Melbourne’s premier suburb—Toorak!

There was a catch, however…

He had to tell everyone within cooee that he was a prince—a Toorak prince!

And that’s when all the fun began for Bert!

Writing from her experience growing up in Toorak, Rosemary Macindoe blends a mélange of humour, satire and with a dash of poignancy in “The Toorak Jackpot”. This modern fable, inspired by Dickens’“Great Expectations” explores what it means to be truly wealthy.

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About the Author

Rosemary Macindoe

Rosemary Macindoe is an artist and writer based in Melbourne Australia. In a former life, she worked selling shoes. This is her first novella.

Twenty cents (AUD) from the sale of each book will go to the Clown Doctors, the Humour Foundation, an Australian charity helping sick children smile in hospitals around Australia.

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